Welcome Statement

St. John's is a rural church that offers a traditional Lutheran worship service on Sunday mornings.  As we live in the power and resurrection of our crucified and risen Lord, we know in whom we put our trust as we come and go on the roads of life.

We invite you to St. John's where you will experience the love, forgiveness, and hope that we find in Jesus Christ.  All are welcome at St. John's - a place where we, "know Christ, love Christ and serve Christ.

Worship Service Schedule

All church worship services have been cancelled until further notice.

Our Location

St. John's is located off Interstate 90 at Exit 189 between Austin and Rochester, Minnesota.  For many travelers on Interstate 90, we are known as the church with the lighted cross.  This cross becomes a beacon for those who travel the road on a regular basis.  We often hear, "when we see the lighted cross, we know where we are, or we know we are almost home." 

Upcoming Events
 Memorial Day:  The Adams Legion is scheduled to be at the St. John's cemetery at approximately 11:00 am on Monday, May 25th for a Memorial Service to honor our fallen veterans. 
May 23rd Gospel Message

Forty is a significant number in the Bible, and the church has kept Ascension on the fortieth day of Easter. That Christ ascended to God the Father to reign over life and death is another way to say that Christ rose from the dead. Thus the Ascension is another Easter Day.

St. John's Bell Ringing/Horn-Honking Get Together

Sunday May 24th at 9:30 am

Join St. John's for a special worship service and bell ringing/horn honking get together this Sunday.  The SE MN Synod staff has produced a worship service in which you will hear great music, inspired scripture readings, a children's sermon, and wonderful preaching from Bishop Regina Hassanally.   You can click video above before or after coming to the church parking lot for a bell ringing/horn honking get together:

Here is the plan for our parking lot get together so we stay within the guidelines of the social distance - stay at home order:

  1. Arrive at the Church parking lot by 9:30 a.m.  Please enter the east driveway of the parking lot and park wherever you want except up to the sidewalk.  You must stay in your car at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS

  2. At 9:30, the bell will be rung and after each set of bell ringing a cue card will be held up to send you a message.  If the cue card says "honk your horn", HAVE AT IT!

  3. At the end of the bell ringing and honking, please exit through the west driveway where Pastor Liz will be standing on the sidewalk, north of the church to greet you and bless you on your way.

  4. There will also be a bucket on the table on the north end of the east side walk if you want to leave an offering.

Contact Information

65033 220th Street

Elkton, MN 55933


Phone:  (507) 584-5462

Email:    stjohnselkton1@gmail.com

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